D’Carbo2 adalah satu produk terkini berteknologi tinggi yang dapat membersihkan karbon didalam kebuk pembakaran (combustion chamber),injap(valve),pencucuh(spark plug),piston,silinder dan intake manifold.
Kesan HEBAT selepas menggunakan D’Carbo2:

>Kesan seperti melakukan Top Overhaul
>Proses hanya 15 minit sahaja.
>Prestasi enjin menjadi baru semula.
>Enjin menjadi senyap dan kurang gegaran.
>Pemanduan menjadi lancar.
>Kuasa pecutan bertambah.
>Menjimatkan minyak.
>Enjin mudah dihidupkan.
>Memanjangkan jangka hayat enjin 

Berminat hubungi ahmad kamal:0147549684 

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Proton Saga BLM FL Sportivo Full Set PU Material – BodyKit

Material: PU

Price qoute is included Front Skirt, Side Skirt & Rear Skirt.

Spoiler is Rm100.00

Please choose the Spoiler from the above picture when making order.

- ALL the body kits and spoilers are NEW.

- No installation & paint work provided.

- COD available for confirmed buyer at Bercham, Ipoh.

- Shipping service to whole Malaysia is provided.

- Any Order / inquiry, please email to: [email protected]

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EASYCAR TFT LCD 2-Way Alarm + Auto Start

We are extremely proud to introduce the latest Car Security SystemE702 ‘Luxury’ installed with the most remarkable function. E702 ‘Luxury’ is featuring on its TFT LCD display panel the very first time in car alarm systems. LF technology that makes car armed/locked when person with remote is closer/away from the car at 1.5 meter at sharp LF technology makes its working boundary very accurate & smart key system any person can not start the engine if he/she does not have the remote control. This unbelievable high quality product is simply more than wonderful & definately irresistable!

TFT is the latest, most advanced display technology and it’s slim contoured body featuring product E702-AS-S is truly amazing!

TFT-LCD ( thin film transistor, liquid crsytal display ) is the latest display technology in the market. Owing to it’s best brightness and resolution other display types can not beat, it’s became widely used panel these days on Mobile, Pda and Lcd Tv etc. 

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